Exchange brake shoes

Roadlink was one of the first company’s in the UK to achieve the coveted ‘Brake Assured’ status, providing its customers with the guarantee that all of its brake shoes are fully remanufactured to the highest quality standards.

The Brake Assured Scheme sets the highest standards for the remanufacture of relined brake shoes and only those brake shoe re-lining companies who can meet these stringent quality standards in every aspect of their production are authorised to use the Brake Assured logo.

Roadlink offers more than 200 part numbers and 7000 Brake Assured exchange shoes to suit all types of truck, trailer and PCV applications. Most popular references are also available in Roadlink’s own RF8000 and RF8001 materials combining high performance and long service life. The company also offers high quality brake lining material from brands such as Don, Textar and Ferodo.

Roadlink’s brake shoes are produced to the highest specifications, combining optimum performance and long service life at highly competitive prices.


Remanufactured calipers

All Roadlink remanufactured calipers are restored back to their original quality after undergoing a series of strict tests and procedures, offering customers considerable savings.

Through continued investment in its remanufacturing facility, Roadlink currently offers a complete range of new and remanufactured braking solutions. All Brake calipers are fully-tested and produced to the highest standards thanks to Roadlink’s extensive state-of-the-art production facility and distribution operation, which are certified to the latest ISO9001:2015 quality and ISO14001:2015 environmental standards.

Roadlink’s cost-effective braking solutions come with a full warranty and product liability insurance to guarantee complete reliability and added peace of mind.

Caliper kits are also available to customers as add-on products, which are needed during caliper servicing, presenting an ideal opportunity to increase sales.