Brembo Brake Discs

Roadlink International has expanded its product offering to include Prime Line, the new Brembo aftermarket range of brake discs for commercial vehicles


When it comes to powering the performance of a brake system, Brembo Prime discs for commercial vehicles bring you the very best in brake disc technology. From raw materials, to end of the production line, they’ve been delivering quality parts in the same factory for over 60 years.

Each unique brake disc is designed, manufactured, and tested to provide a unique solution to the aftermarket. Brembo have engineered innovation with the recently improved range of brake discs for commercial vehicles – high performance, superior resistance, lightweight solution, and superior drive handling for a longer, safer disc life. The range incorporates solutions for specific manufacturers – setting the global standard of unparalleled quality for Original Equipment and the aftermarket.

The braking system for commercial vehicles is subjected to repetitive thermo-mechanical stress, which the brake disc must withstand effectively. The new Brembo range of brake discs respond to this need, transferring many of the technical formulas developed and patented by the Group’s Research and Development Centre, with specific technologies and adaptations to match the characteristics of heavy-duty vehicles. These include the use of a special cast iron alloy for commercial vehicles, exclusive pillar venting technology and a co-casting process. All this leads to greater heat dissipation, superior resistance to thermal cracking and a remarkable increase in the life of both the brake discs and pads, even in extreme conditions

Every stage of the production is in-house overseen to ensure product reliability. Each component is specially designed, manufactured, and rigorously tested along the production line to provide vehicles the highest quality for both OE and aftermarket.

The perfect match

Roadlink International Ltd has been selected by Brembo as its distributor of the new range of CV brake discs in the UK and Irish aftermarkets. Roadlink International has more than 40 years’ experience as a leading independent automotive aftermarket supplier of braking products for commercial vehicles making them the ideal partner for this venture.

A full range of stock is available directly from Roadlink’s central UK distribution centre and customers are provided with added reassurance as all products in the range come complete with full 2-year warranty.

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