The future is Green - Roadlink’s Environmental Credentials

As a leading producer and distributor of remanufactured CV components for over 25 years, Roadlink has always been aware of the importance of high quality recycled products, not only  as lower priced alternatives to new, but also for the more efficient use of our precious natural resources.

Market acceptance for remanufactured automotive products has grown enormously in recent years, with more than 33% of customers now being prepared to buy “green products”, driven in part by significant cost savings compared to new.  The growing market for high quality Roadlink remanufactured components has lead us to become one of Europe’s leading remanufacturers of CV brake shoes and calipers.

Green World

Roadlink views its responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint as an essential part of its business activities.  Since 2008 we have held the internationally recognised environmental standard ISO 14001:2015 certification which has lead to our stringent Environmental policy, encompassing a range of “green” actions, such as:

  • Fitting energy efficient heating and lighting systems with the aim of reducing our overall usage of gas and electricity by 10% during the next twelve months.
  • Collecting and segregating all scrap metals we produce to be recycled by a specialist company.
  • Recycling over 50% of the cardboard we receive with our inbound goods by shredding and reusing it as packaging for the goods we despatch.
  • Segregating all plastic and wood packaging we receive and sending it to be recycled - at Roadlink’s cost.
  • Evaluating the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power and considering the use of recycled rain water.                           

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