Truck Racing

Roadlink International’s successful partnership with Powell’s Truck Racing continues in 2019, as we will once again be supporting the truck racing champion in the British Truck Racing Championship (BTRC), for what promises to be an enthralling season.

The MAN truck has undergone a ‘face lift’ for the 2019 season, with a brand new cab providing a fresher look to ensure Powell is fully equipped to compete in style in the 2019 Championship. 

With minimum truck weights of 5500kg and racing speeds approaching 100mph, brake components need to be of the highest quality. Driver Steve Powell is using both Roadlink brake discs and Roadlink RF4001 material disc pads, which offer great levels of performance and consistency across the full temperature range and in these extreme race conditions. 

Independent testing has proved that Roadlink’s brake pad has a higher braking power than a recognised OE grade over the full range of speeds. Testing has also revealed that the Roadlink brake pad experiences an increased lifespan under higher temperatures of 450 to 600 degrees celsius, typically experienced on truck racing.

Roadlink disc pads comply with the strict safety regulations within truck racing enforced by the FIA (the same body that governs F1) and are manufactured to European braking regulation ECE R90 in production facilities accredited with ISO9001/TS16949 quality standards.  

Steve Powell is no stranger to truck racing, who made his BTRC debut back in 2007. The sport is also in his blood, thanks to his father’s passion for the sport, which saw him become one of the first truck racers more than 30 years ago.

Steve said: “We are confident that all the hard work and preparation we’ve put in ahead of the new season will bear fruit as we look to build on our success achieved in 2017. The strong relationship we’ve forged with Roadlink shows they have faith through their continuing investment in the team and that likewise, we have complete belief in the reliability of their brand. We are able to compete at the level we can thanks to the high-quality of their brake pads and discs used on our trucks.” 

The British Truck Racing Championship is enjoying increased popularity and it is an ideal platform for Roadlink to demonstrate the quality of its products.

Roadlink would like to wish the team the very best for 2019.